Re: Jersey City Council to introduce $587 million budget with zero tax increase

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/3/20 14:09:30

DanL wrote:
I agree that school funding is the same disaster it was before and after this administration took office .... but, you know as well as anyone, the machinations that this administration has done to keep the city portion of taxes flat while increasing spending by continuing to give out abatements (PILOTS) so the city keeps the portion of taxes from new development that would go to the schools (under funding the schools) for itself and raiding the JCMUA.

and what services have been improved?


T-Bird wrote:
Your one note opera rings a little flat here. How is that fact different than when he took over? It isn't. The point is, he has improved services while holding taxes flat over an extended period of time.

Frankly, I find you even more morally compromised than those you accuse. You truly believe this is a problem and continue to benefit from it. If it bothered you so much you would, at a minimum, leave.


Monroe wrote:
What tune would he be singing if he wasn't getting a half billion a year from suburban taxpayers to pay for his schools??

100% accurate and correct on how abatements are abused. While many continue to push the myth that abatements are a free ride for residents paying PILOTs, the accurate view is that abatements are used by the city to hide/mask increased spending by enabling them to not raise the municipal budget while allowing for higher spending due to their being able to pocket almost the entirety of PILOT payments.

The only surprise (to me) is that the county administrators, and the administrations of the other municipalities in Hudson county, have sat idly by while JC abuses this system. Imagine how much lower taxes could be for the county if abatements were not given out like candy.

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