Re: New Tax Rate is Insane!

Posted by Dolomiti on 2018/4/8 14:10:21

Yvonne wrote:
The shoe has not dropped, when we get our new bills, there will be a note stating all taxes must be paid ... with a November date. Those who do not have a mortgage but limited income will not be able to pay and many homes will go into lien. Before the reval, normally 2,000 homes are in lien.

1) News flash! Lots of people are seeing reductions in their taxes. Anyone whose mortgage is paid off, is on a limited income, and gets a tax cut, will find their financial position improved.

It's a bit disgusting that you repeatedly ignore the people who benefit.

2) It's April. Taxes are due in November. As noted above, if your taxes went up, that's because the value of your home went up as well. Anyone who can't figure out how to tap the equity of their home in the next six months isn't trying.

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