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Posted by JCGuys on 2018/3/11 22:00:17

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Does anyone know how to remove tax abatement from a property? Just got the new assesment and heading to City Hall tomorrow.

Bought a condo on Westside last year near Mallory and knew taxes were too high because it was originally sold at peak of 2005 with abatement. Now I get a tax bill and city is increasing the % on the improvements. If I were to get rid of the abatement it will save me more than 30% for 2018! Kicker is with abatement dropped some of that money will go to school system that badly needs it.

We knew that people in Greenville, B/L & Westside were subsidizing rest of downtown Hamilton Park but this is just crazy.If you have an abated property make sure to compare what it would be without it.

Yvonne, do you have anything to say about this?

I find it interesting because only improvements can receive an tax abatement. Land is taxed normally.

Are you seriously suggesting that because of the reval, your taxes are going up and you would pay 30% less if you were taxed normally?

Can anyone else help me understand this situation?

Paging Yvonne

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