Re: Bright Street -- Prone to Flooding?

Posted by jcneighbor on 2017/11/12 15:26:00

sparklingwater wrote:
Does anyone know if flood insurance covers damage from sewage back-up that occurs as a result of heavy rain?

Also, stupid question but don't know who to ask: can sewage back-up occur on the 2nd floor of the building (where potential apartment) would be?

Thanks again!

It will IF you have flood insurance. Many mortgagors, but not all, require it in the 07302 zip code. In addition to the annual premium there's the deductible, so your mileage may vary.

I'm in the same block as you but exactly 3 blocks north and about 18" higher elevation (in a house with basement). I did NOT buy flood insurance because of my extra elevation.

As for sewage backup, the ONE thing I've told my friends and neighbors with old houses in this area is to get a check valve on their drain pipe. "Stuff" can go out but it can't come back in! My absentee landlord neighbor learned this the hard way during Sandy after ignoring my advice: Sewage backed up to the tune of 4 FEET in his basement and took out the water heaters and boilers and laundry machines. My problem was a couple of inches that came through our common wall (now fixed for the future), but I had a pump and hoses and I borrowed a generator.

Backup to second floor would be unlikely, IMO, but I've seen it on first floors above a basement and it ain't pretty...

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