Re: Bright Street -- Prone to Flooding?

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/11/12 11:10:23

sparklingwater wrote:
Does anyone know if flood insurance covers damage from sewage back-up that occurs as a result of heavy rain?

Also, stupid question but don't know who to ask: can sewage back-up occur on the 2nd floor of the building (where potential apartment) would be?

Thanks again!

For my condo insurance, they do have it as an optional add-on (part of "enhanced coverage") to your basic homeowners policy. They started me off at 5k and I recently bumped it up to their maximum of 25k. So, you should be able to get some coverage.

I was also thinking of getting a flood policy, though I'm not sure how useful it would be if the flooding cause is solely sewer backup as is what commonly happens in that area. An actual flood policy would only cover storm surge, which if we got anything greater than Sandy or even a CAT 1, would be a very real possibility. The rates I got for my unit were surprisingly reasonable, $343/year for 100k of coverage.

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