Re: Article: Dense zoning is the solution to housing costs

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/2/12 8:35:33

HCResident wrote:

Yvonne wrote:
When I was a kid in school, I had to study the 1960 census, the population then was 179 million. Being 335 or 330 million means there is more competition for housing. That is 156 or 160 million more people in my lifetime. In the 1970s, approximately 20% of Jersey City housing stock was vacant, nothing but empty buildings and empty land. More people means there is more competition for housing. Rents were extremely cheap, around $150 a month.

Just to be clear, due to inflation, $150 in 1960 is equal to $1,257.78 in today’s dollars.

Please stop using logic and facts! Those pesky things are to be ignored to make wild statements to further an agenda detached from reality.

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