Re: Article: Dense zoning is the solution to housing costs

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/2/11 17:12:38

Yvonne wrote:
The shortage of housing has more to do with population and immigration than anything else. I clicked on a youtube speech of Ronald Reagan where he spoke before a crowd in Portugal in 1985. This speech was not covered in the news since it had to do with religion (Fatima.) Reagan said, "I represent the 229 million people of the United States..." I was shocked. 32 years later, it is 329 million. The US is not having babies, the reason for the Social Security increases but there are more legal and illegal people here. That is the reason for the shortage of houses.

Either he misspoke, or you misheard. Almost every credible source of such information puts the US population in 1985 closer to 240 MM (perhaps he said 239 MM?) The population today is about 325 MM. That puts the actual difference at 85 MM. Sounds like a lot, until you realize that we are talking about 1 percentage point in growth every year. That's right, the US population grows by less than 1 percentage point every year. That's actually very low. In fact, it lags most other countries, which is the reason why our population, as a percentage of the world population, keeps shrinking.

What has REALLY changed is that 10% more people (75% vs 83% of total population) are choosing to live in urban areas compared to the 1985 version of the US . More people have left the farming communities and rural areas and flocked to urban centers.

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