Re: New owner/landlord isn't cashing rent checks

Posted by TonyTwoPoops on 2017/10/11 20:36:31
MonmouthMan is is totally right on this. Jersey City rents are out of control- if they love their apartment and plan on living here for multiple years they shouldn't leave unless there is a serious payout considering how much rent has and continues to go up. Everyone telling them they are greedy to do otherwise sounds like a typical conservative JC slumlord (which seem to be the only people still using this site).This is all standard for rent controlled properties- anyone can get them- from my experience it's just a matter of settling for an apartment without a ton of improvement repairs and being willing to fix a lot of stuff yourself. People in Manhattan in rent controlled properties get offers in the millions to move out. It is very much a thing when you are sitting on valuable property.

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