Re: New owner/landlord isn't cashing rent checks

Posted by Haggis on 2017/10/11 10:45:03
Hi Everyone,
My neighbors, the building next to us, were in a similar situation, what worked is that they ALL got together and hired ONE attorney on their behalf.
There is strength in numbers, they had an elderly lady tenant (who was quite effective) represent everyone.
They started documentation/petitions early with everyone's signature, they went to "Tenants & Neighbors" (this was in NYC) and got free representation along the way, they notified their banks to set up separate accounts, etc.
This new landlord is counting on you guys not being smart enough to budget and go to all the trouble of doing this.
But the moral of the story is all the tenants worked as one, when the judge saw that, he ruled in their favor immediately.
Good luck, $750 is cheap, I'd fight to keep that too.

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