Re: New owner/landlord isn't cashing rent checks

Posted by MonmouthMan on 2017/10/10 23:35:05
So are you the person that bought my building? I don't want to move I don't care how much money they offer me that was why I said $100,000 to show them that I ain't freaking moving. Where did I say it took so little effort to find this apartment? You're a real jerk. you must sit around on your computer all day seeing as how you've made over 1000 comments and posts on here. I said I looked in the area and my rent would almost double for the same amenities, size and kind of apartment that I have in a building with similar kinds of people. You're not offering any help here buddy. go away now bye-bye. I know what escrow is if I didn't I know how to ask Google.I don't want money in a bank account I want cash money and $100,000 of it. unreasonable? I don't care I'm not moving.
And when I said $25,500 ain't shit to me what I meant was doubling my rent is going to end up costing me a lot more over a few years then $22,500 is going to give me. An extra hundred dollars a month is $1200 a year. That extra expense would mean that I wouldn't get to go home to see my family twice a year like I do now. That's not a sacrifice I'm going to make, sugar.I asked for assistance on what I could do to get my landlord to cash my rent check and not try to hold onto it like I've heard landlords try to do for three months so that they can try to evict you and say that you haven't paid your rent. Nobody seems to be offering this help thanks anyway y'all.

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