Re: New owner/landlord isn't cashing rent checks

Posted by MonmouthMan on 2017/10/10 21:33:30
It's just a regular apartment that I found on craigslist 2 1/2 years ago. Rent controlled is not the same as section 8 housing. I live in a small building with only nine apartments. anything over I think it's six or seven in Jersey City and is not a brand new building is considered rent controlled. Basically it means that the city puts out a table that says how much the landlord is allowed to raise ones rent depending upon which month domeone moved in. So for example last year my rent went up .7% this year It can only go up about 2%. I lived downtown for over 10 years, and I always lived in small buildings. I learned my lesson when my last landlord downtown kept raising my rent about 20% every year and then finally raised it more than I could afford to pay. So I specifically looked for buildings that had seven or eight apartment so that it would fufill the rent controlled requirement. This link from the city will give you more information about what rent control means and it also includes the table of how much rent control buildings can have the rent raised per year

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