New owner/landlord isn't cashing rent checks

Posted by MonmouthMan on 2017/10/10 20:20:23
Hello. So my building was recently purchased and we have had some issues with the landlord. This month we started sending our rent checks to a new address in Brooklyn. I mailed my rent check two weeks early on purpose because the intention of the landlords is they put is to "gut renovate the building" and they said they were going to do what it took to get us out of here. It's a rent controlled building and those of us that live here do not want to move. Anyway, enough of the backstory it's now the 10th of the month and we never got a rent receipt from last months rent and they still have not cashed our checks. I called landlord and tenant relations today and a very nice woman that I spoke to said she had received calls from other people in my building about this issue and others. She then proceeded to tell me that I need to make sure that I always have the amount of rent in my bank account and suggested opening a separate account just to keep my rent in to make sure I do not accidentally spend it. She said that landlords have this thing where they don't cash rent checks for three months then they try to get you evicted saying that you never sent your rent checks in. I am just flabbergasted that some jerks will try to do this. How can they do that to an entire building? How can A landlord try and say that nobody in the building paid rent? The woman at landlord tenant relations told me that I need to relay this information to everyone in my building. I've spoken to at least three of the other tenants, and one of them suggested that we start sending our rent checks with The regular mail but sending it with tracking. My neighbor told me that it's cheaper than sending it certified mail and unlike certified mail no signature has to be given in order for the parcel to be delivered.
Is there any other advice that folks can offer? I know my rent check has only not been cashed for 10 days and not two months, but these new owners are really slimy and when I called the city to tell them who they were they laughed and said yeah these people do that all the time. And yes myself and the other two tenants that I know for sure Who haven't had their checks cashed either have called and texted the landlord and he is not responding at all.

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