Re: 2017 Reval ~ Property Inspections

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/12/18 23:42:09

brewster wrote:

stillinjc wrote:
Geez, weren't affluent liberals telling us how much they want to pay higher taxes, and now when they have an opportunity to do so, they're whining...

We didn't want to pay those taxes to the 0.1%!!!

The truth is that most Americans are in favor not of taxing the rich, but rather the richer. Even decidedly upper middle class folks (say, couples with a combined income of 400+ K) want to believe they are not rich and therefore should not be subject to a tax increase. Funny how that works... almost universally, everybody is in favor of more services, more handouts, and more assistance, until it is their turn to pony up money to cover those costs.

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