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Posted by brewster on 2017/12/18 21:14:07

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hero69 wrote:
maybe more and more jersey cities will consider consolidation in order to be run more efficiently. honestly, i don't understand why hudson and bergen counties don't consolidate into one hudson city which would still be smaller than manhattan.

maybe governor-elect murphy should establish a commission to force municipal consolidation.

That is a ridiculous plan, it's not as if we are The South where all the towns are small and they just go by counties. Plus J.C. cannot keep up with their services and police matters as it is. We have equipment suitable for the size of Bayonne, Hoboken, or Secaucus. Our roads are atrocious and the repairs are a joke. Traffic patterns and parking have become a daily battle of wits and aside from bicycle use transportation options are minimal. North Hudson county has consolidated their fire department and that has worked well only because it has to follow strict guidelines with the state and their job is not taxing till it come time to deal with a fire which is a job in itself.

There was not a single valid argument there. Of course we should be one city, with FAR less highly paid chiefs to indians, but the towns run on patronage, these jobs are currency. Not one town in NJ would vote to give it up.

STATS: if Hudson cty were one city we would be both larger in population and denser than Boston, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, and Vegas.

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