Re: 2017 Reval ~ Property Inspections

Posted by Monroe on 2017/5/19 17:45:53

brewster wrote:

Monroe wrote:
They do, silly. That's why Millburn's taxes are the highest in the state. Of course, Millburn spends about 20% less per student than JC, doesn't have free PreK, and is usually rated one of the best general admission public high schools in the country. On top of the Abbott funding it also pays a lot of the freight supporting Essex County. So if it offends you that it does that and pays less than 2% you're nuts.

What offend me is the whining that your taxes are too high when your rate is low to average. And you want to whine about the actual dollars, rather than the rate, because million dollar houses pay more. Boo hoo hoo. People with million dollar incomes pay more too, and don't get back more in services. That's just the way the system works, but I'm sure you hate paying your income tax too.

Let's hear you cry when the Adjustment Aid goes away . . . and JC has to pay it's fair share rather than the 17% of its school costs it currently does. Taxation without representation-sound familiar? That's what taxpayers across NJ are saying, as the Abbott's spend money like drunken sailors with terrible results. First the reval (for those complaining about the county taxes going up, wait till the reval is done), the Legislature is determined to repair Adjustment Aid-the changes are ahead.

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