Re: 2017 Reval ~ Property Inspections

Posted by Monroe on 2017/5/19 15:51:27

brewster wrote:

Monroe wrote:
I know in Millburn the taxes are high (even with some nice ratables, like the billion dollar Mall at Short Hills, pays almost 90% of its school costs through taxes.

As I say to Yvonne every time, define what you mean by "high". High relative to other North Jersey towns? It's not, it's average to low, go to the page of all the town rates in the state and compare. Too high for your taste or sense of fairness? Whatever.

Millburn pays the highest real estate taxes in NJ, with the exception of a town in South Jersey with 6 houses. Highest percentage? No. Highest dollar? Yup. ... operty_taxes_from_lo.html

Getting back almost nothing for schools (to support Abbott's like JC/Hoboken/Newark) causes a lot of this, as more than half the Millburn budget is for its schools. I think now it's over 22K for the average home.

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