Re: 2017 Reval ~ Property Inspections

Posted by Monroe on 2017/5/19 14:03:32

yorkster wrote:
As a DTJC homeowner, I don't have an issue with paying my fair of taxes, but for me, there is a clear line between fair and ridiculous. When I bought 10 years ago, I had accepted that my taxes would be eventually raised to $24K-$25K, but now that I'm hearing that it would be more like mid-$30K then that's when it gets into absurdness. I've done some comp in other parts of NJ (e.g., Chatham, Milburn, Tenafly, etc.) and their taxes on a property similar in value don't even come close. Mind you, these municipalities have the best school systems in the state.

Had many of those suburban towns you mention been getting even a whiff of fair school funding their taxes would be better. I know in Millburn the taxes are high (even with some nice ratables, like the billion dollar Mall at Short Hills, pays almost 90% of its school costs through taxes.

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