Re: 2017 Reval ~ Property Inspections

Posted by brewster on 2017/5/19 14:02:44

yorkster wrote:
As a DTJC homeowner, I don't have an issue with paying my fair of taxes, but for me, there is a clear line between fair and ridiculous. When I bought 10 years ago, I had accepted that my taxes would be eventually raised to $24K-$25K, but now that I'm hearing that it would be more like mid-$30K then that's when it gets into absurdness. I've done some comp in other parts of NJ (e.g., Chatham, Milburn, Tenafly, etc.) and their taxes on a property similar in value don't even come close. Mind you, these municipalities have the best school systems in the state.

Chatham 1.665%
Millburn 1.854%
Tenafly 2.182

You're right by only 13% on #1, 2.5% on #2, and wrong by 15% on #3. This does not support "taxes on a property similar in value don't even come close". For the record, you can't even appeal your taxes until they're 15% out of wack.

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