Re: 2017 Reval ~ Property Inspections

Posted by mfadam on 2017/5/19 10:54:32
I don't think it's right to engage a group who is using specious arguments to convince people that they are getting screwed when it is quite the opposite. As for hardship, is it a hardship that their property is worth 2X or 5X what they paid for it? Yes cash flow may be tricky, but as you noted there are possible solutions.

It would do JC a huge disservice to back down to a vocal minority whose entire argument defies simple math and any sense of fairness. You are absolutely correct that JC has a serious problem if you get the combo of Reval plus declining state aid for schools. JC is a school welfare queen and is very much in the state's crosshairs for a cut.

Bottom line is JC's financial position could get pretty ugly in the next couple years. I too hope that revenues are put to better use than paying out bloated pensions, but if the state cuts aid that is gonna be a huge gut check.

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