Re: Buying to live in Bergen-Lafayette a good idea?

Posted by JCGuys on 2017/3/17 23:58:13

brewster wrote:
Not saying ole Harry here isn't B-L born-n-raised, but it's kinda funny how many people want to slam the door closed after they move in. From our Gold Coast to the Pacific Northwest, people move somewhere and then get all up at the other people who are coming and "ruining it".


Plus I never understood the argument from the anti-gentrifies. By somehow keeping people and investment out on certain areas for fear it may become unaffordable, almost calling for a reverse redlining policy or that it's better to keep a community cheap and ghetto instead of seeking to improve it too much for it will attract the hipster crowd.

The only way to keep things affordable is to ensure there is ample supply to keep up with demand. Jersey City does a pretty good job at this actually.

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