Re: Buying to live in Bergen-Lafayette a good idea?

Posted by jcneighbor on 2017/3/17 20:34:15

brewster wrote:
Not saying ole Harry here isn't B-L born-n-raised, but it's kinda funny how many people want to slam the door closed after they move in. From our Gold Coast to the Pacific Northwest, people move somewhere and then get all up at the other people who are coming and "ruining it".

Mostly agree but it's a matter of timing and perspective. Those of us who bought and moved here 30 years ago were in a rough town and we welcomed other newcomers and we worked together to help improve the neighborhood and the schools and responsible government. Some of us stayed, some left for the suburbs or beyond.

So how long you been in JC, Harry? I'd bet less than 10 years. For a Newbie on this Forum, I thought your comment was obnoxious.

My ancestors arrived on The Mayflower in 1620, so I'm 12th-generation here . The Native American Indians might be the only ones who could legitimately say that we "came and ruined it".

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