Re: Buying to live in Bergen-Lafayette a good idea?

Posted by brewster on 2017/3/14 12:44:54
I won't say you're nuts, but it depends on how tolerant you are of real inner city living. I moved to DT 20 years ago and it was NOTHING like that area, you'd have to go back to the late 70's. This is the area where most of the shootings in JC happen. There's a map linked somewhere here.

There's a real reason it's cheap. But some people are gentrification pioneers, the people who moved DT in the 70's and bought townhouses around needle strewn parks on credit cards. Are you one of those? Are you sure you can't afford west of Kennedy or JSQ or The Heights?

Have you spend considerable time walking around in the area? Seen who's hanging around all day and who's going and coming from work? That's the best way to gauge your comfort IMO.

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