Re: Battle against the "Bayonne Box" in The Heights

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2018/3/24 21:04:31

Yvonne wrote:

dr_nick_riviera wrote:
Excellent. Another blow to Yvonne’s attempts to reduce density and turn Jersey City into a suburb. Of course I’m sure she will mobilize against this and will regurgitate her lies that amything but a parking lot will destroy the city.

Every thought in your mind is about me, I didn't know you care. I can tell you - you are not on my thought list.

Of course you can’t understand that not everybody wants an ignorant know-nothing like you deciding their zoning and what they are allowed to build for them based on the fact you don’t like paying for parking or sitting in traffic.

I’d rather be called out for excessively trashing you than forcing parking lots on people and claiming you know how to plan a city better than people actually trained in this.

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