Re: Battle against the "Bayonne Box" in The Heights

Posted by hero69 on 2016/12/28 9:58:19

MDM wrote:

SuchGreatHeights wrote:
Newish to the Heights, and because of this thread, I've just began to notice these sprinkled around nearly every other block. Is it one particular developer choosing this strange, salmon-colored brick facade? And what's with the chrome railings?

One of the developers I know is Indian... possibly Indian-Muslim. My wife commented that the railing designs reminds her of growing up in Southern Thailand (majority Muslim), as the homes there had same / similar designs / finish choices.

The one Bayonne Box across from my place was actually built pretty well. No cheap fixtures and the floors were NOT pre-finished. It was not your typical crap-cheap construction. The builder was Indian (so were the buyers). I think the place went for around $600k.
to be fair, some of the bayonne boxes can be "ok", but most are fugly...especially the salmon colored ones

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