Re: What's going there? (Heights edition)

Posted by brewster on 2017/2/23 12:32:22

Niclas75 wrote:
First post after reading in the forum for a while

See below what I read about 520 Palisade in a recent email from the Riverview Neighborhood Association, there was also I meeting about the project but I was unable to attend. The email also had a rendering but don't know how to insert.

520 Palisade Ave - conversion of existing building to multi-use (old firehouse). The developer has revised the project to lower the height in the back (it's now about 10 feet higher than the existing structure) and added some parking spaces.

Welcome!!! You're that rare precious flower, a new member who's not obviously a shill, troll, or sock puppet.

For those of us who know nothing of the project, is this an additional proposed ground up structure you're talking about?

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