Re: What's going there? (Heights edition)

Posted by iGreg on 2016/10/30 15:47:05
It is fantastic and trumps any of the overpriced yuppie/hipster places in DTJC.

Let's keep it our little secret please.

- Thanxxx


Chris_NJ wrote:
Wow, this Dulce de Leche is really game changer for me that is going to raise the bar in the Heights.. I don't want to raise expectations for anyone who has not tried it yet but quality is an A, ambiance is an A, and prices are way less than places of similar quality. I had a sausage sandwich on fresh bread with some kind of delicious sauce with fries for like 6.99. I shared an egg sandwich on a croissant, some type of spinach mini quiche, a few empanadas and was very pleased.
I just may have to gain 20 lbs this winter!

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