Re: Jersey City Fire prevention Division violations

Posted by Bamb00zle on 2018/6/4 1:30:28
Listers, in response to a post regarding violations written by the JCFD, I posted about the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and different editions. However, I neglected to provide the link if you want to look up which specific code edition applies to your building, or work you’ve had done on your building. So here it is: ... _Model_Code_Adoptions.pdf

The table shows the dates when the particular edition of Code was “in effect”. In general, any work undertaken must satisfy the requirements of the Code in effect at the time the work is performed. When a new edition of code comes into effect, there’s a 6 months “grace” period, during which time on-going work, or work already approved can be finished using the “old” code. If you don’t finish within the 6 months, then you are supposed to “update” the work to the new code edition requirements.

The JC Building department should have copies of all of these codes – but try getting anything out of that mess…. Many public libraries have copies of prior editions of the codes as well. And if you care for a trip to Trenton, DCA has them of course.

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