Re: Notice of violation & Order to correct - JCFD

Posted by teddypath on 2015/8/11 14:42:28
On July 18th our condo building (13 units) received the same letter with seven 'violations' to correct. I wrote to and spoke with the Mayor's offfice. I actually am glad we are forced to ensure that our standpipe, signs, fire escape, smoke & CO2 detetectors are being required to be inspected. My issue was with the process, not the protocol. To send a letter of "Violations and Order to Correct" without technically inspecting the building, and giving us three weeks in the middle of the Summer to hire contractors was unrealistic. We were granted a small extension, and have a reliable board and good property manager so we can be ready for inspection. I personally wouldn't appeal this. Just think what would happen if these items were NOT inspected and up to code and something happened...Then, you'd really need attorney(s)!

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