Re: Notice of violation & Order to correct - JCFD

Posted by Bamb00zle on 2015/5/16 17:39:38

ank00 wrote:
Bamb00zle - instead of going thru the demanded reports/fixes, I have filed an appeal with the JC Construction Board of Appeals. I want someone to explain to me what these regulations are and how they differ from the Green Card inspections. My hearing is probably scheduled for the 3rd Wed of next month. Will let you guys know what comes out of it....such a waste of time.

Good luck Ank. You might want to look at City Ordinance 14.117, passed September 2014, establishing the JC Fire Prevention Bureau. And also the New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 5, Chapters 70, 71, and the sub-chapters. These are the various regulations of the Uniform Fire Code the JC FPB will enforce. The Construction Board of Appeal will use these regulations and the City Ordinance to make their determination about what is required. Suggest you think about taking an attorney, since a City attorney usually attends.

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