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Posted by Bamb00zle on 2015/5/15 13:57:58

ank00 wrote:

Received a certified letter from Jersey City Fire dept notifying me of "notice of violation and order to correct" per the Uniform Fire Code. The exact violations are:

1. Fire Escape Engineer Report required
2. Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector Test
3. Non-Life Hazard Use Fee - $135
4. Provide Access for Inspection

I've owned this property for 3 years (downtown JC) and never received anything like this. Moreover, I have spoken to my neighbors who have been living there for 30+ years and they have never received anything like this in the past or now. I am wondering if anyone is aware of this new money generating scheme that the city has come up with. Thinking about fighting it so any insight from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - the fire escape inspection is another $300. Thanks!

Just curious, who is doing the fire escape engineer report for you?

Another approach if it gets too crazy with violations, code requirements, fines and so forth, is to convert to a 2-family. The code requirements are a lot less difficult. A conversion might trigger a tax reassessment, but you can appeal a ridiculous increase. Also, the State and JC Fire Prevention Bureau don't routinely inspect 2-family buildings, so there's one less thing to deal with, and I don't think there are any yearly registration fees.

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