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Posted by jc_dweller on 2018/6/6 15:22:42

bodhipooh wrote:

jc_dweller wrote:
Good lord that price for a studio is bonkers. But hey, more power to them if they can get it.

Every time a new building starts leasing, someone will come in here and make (more or less) the same statement. And yet, here we are: buildings continue to get built, and filled up.

Agreed and understood. Like I said, more power to them if they can get it. I have to assume they know the market better than I do as to what renters are willing to put out. Said renters aren't me, cause I found a steal!

And also agree with the others that the building is hideous. And what's with putting .com on your building name? Last I checked the building isn't a website, it's an actual physical place. Facing Marin is awful, but backing up to more or less to HP will probably be their selling point.

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