Re: 485 Marin

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/3/20 21:45:41

Frinjc wrote:
How is the filing of the high rises in NoHo - aka The Taint aka Soho West? There are a lot of rentals coming on the market, would be surprised they all fill up at these prices without investors discovering they have to give discount - and can't get decent ROI.

There is, seemingly, no ceiling to DTJC rental rates... I thought 5K for a 3bd was the absolute top, but recent buildings coming to market with those type of units (3bd) are asking well over that, with some even at 6K. Even with a promotional free month when signing your lease, you are looking at 5.5K.

As for whether or not these high rises are filling up, almost every new building coming onto the market fills up within a few months. I am no longer surprised by what the local market bears.

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