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Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/2/14 18:37:02

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I differ with your view.
I feel that the ultimate aim of developments like this is to push residents from their homes and neighborhoods and as such it invites a new kind of blight into an area. A seemingly compliant administration aids and abets the push. Does JC have the infrastructure to accommodate this acceleration of growth?It seems to me that NYC is annexing Jersey City by degrees. The transfiguration of the downtown area is now beginning its creep upward along Newark Avenue and will spread in all directions as it gathers strength.
At this point in time the Island area is like an oasis within the turmoil of change in JC. Yes, I may be wrong, and only time will tell.

Our infrastructure is definitely lacking, but guess what? This is the part that is conveniently ignored by so many: Jersey City is actually 15% smaller today than it was back in 1930, when it had its largest population. Heck, we are still smaller than we were back in the late 60s. We are not overpopulated. We are simply growing. Lack of historical perspective does not equal facts.

The only historical fact that should be recognized is that with the smaller population you are claiming the city is fast becoming a logistical nightmare. Is quality of life improving?

I never took you for one of those that waxes on poetically about "the good old days"...

If you truly don't think that quality of life has improved in JC over the past several decades, then you are showing a silly unwillingness to accept reality and a dogmatic attitude devoid of logic or common sense.

Take a look at the JC of 30, 40 or 50 years ago, and compare it to our city of today. If you can't see the improvements, you are being purposefully obtuse.

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