Re: 42-story residential tower on tap for Journal Square

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/2/13 9:14:34

JCGuys wrote:

RichMauro wrote:
Is this the beginning of the assault on the Island area?
Imagine the shadow 42 stories will cast.

Assault on the Island area? Shadows cast? Good grief.

They said the same thing about the Journal Squared tower and its been a net positive. 42 floors is tall for east of Summit, but there is literally a 70+ story building across the street. Plus that stretch of Summit and the abandoned parking lot with weeds overgrown is in need of serious redevelopment.

Maybe this investment will help revitalize the area and there won't be so many rooming houses.

Ignore RichMauro... he keeps pushing the idea of class warfare by casting any progress or gentrification as "economic violence".

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