Re: 42-story residential tower on tap for Journal Square

Posted by MDM on 2015/5/6 13:20:31

Wishful_Thinking wrote:

On the other hand, living in the Heights I would love to see some development, if not of this magnitude!

I wouldn't mind a few high density market rate housing projects in the Heights, as long as there was some way of bringing in something like a HBLRT route. A route that would serve areas that are just too far away from JSQ or the stop near Congress St. (via elevator to Hoboken). How this could be done? Elevate the route (like the old trolleys were in parts through the heights) or dig a tunnel...

Buses get caught in traffic and miss their schedules, which makes them 3rd rate public transport compared to rail or bus only right of ways.

The above is wishful thinking on my part.. Given how its going to cost billions to run the PATH train a few miles, over an existing right of way to Newark Airport, I doubt such a project would ever be affordable.

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