Re: 42-story residential tower on tap for Journal Square

Posted by Pebble on 2015/3/13 12:56:38

zerkski wrote:
Your speaking like we have Paulus Hook funds to remove that siding. I hear ya, but we can't make our homes look nicer when we have no money. That plastic siding costs a fortune to restore to the brick. Maybe you could lend me a few bucks and we could do this together! Most of us that bought here in past 10-15 years cannot even refinance because we are underwater...things are not as easy as they seem! We got a big ass building being built in the Armory parking lot and I am filled with joy!

Um… I live down the road further towards “the hood.” I’m not in Paulus Hook.

However, I suggest you look into the state’s restoration fund. You’ll find that they have money available to those looking to restore properties.

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