Re: 42-story residential tower on tap for Journal Square

Posted by bodhipooh on 2015/3/10 21:23:59

littlemissmarker wrote:
Since development started at least in the 1890's Jersey City is clearly Matured and has passed from childhood to Adulthood. It may be changing but it is not maturing and moving toward adult hood. More like a face lift that will leave it totally unfamiliar to those who knew it before the face lift. But it will look younger and more attractive to some.
So in some ways Jersey City is regressing from Adulthood to childhood again. No?

Stick around... You will fit right in with the other loonies that are nothing more than old timer chicken littles: the world is coming to an end because the Jersey City you have romanticized in your mind has changed (to most people, the changes are an improvements, but to your kind they are a regression) and you can't stand that you are increasingly irrelevant to the future (and, brighter) JC.

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