Re: Jersey City has big plans for 100 acres on West Side along Hackensack River

Posted by Yvonne on 2018/10/12 9:25:36
There is a big difference between paying millions in debt and moving a statue. The city has $25 million in reserves which they could have used for terminal leave. In fact, Councilwoman Watterman voted no on the terminal leave of $14.5 million, which was the second bond that night, the first being the $170 million for Bayfront. She voted no because the city lied about have the money in reserve. I personally think this is stage one and there will be other bonds for Bayfront. The city has a history of lying. It said it would not pay for City Hall Annex but bond money is being transferred to that project. Also on the agenda was the transferred of a tax abatement to another entity. Councilman Fulop always voted no on transfers of tax abatement and Mayor Fulop has no problem doing this.

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