Re: Tailor - alterations

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/4/4 17:21:44

jc_dweller wrote:
I need to take several suit coats in to have the sleeves shortened. Since I have a few, I'm concerned about cost. Generally I go to the guy on Grove St. (and have never had a problem), but have since become aware of someone else, I think on Monmouth or Brunswick....

Anyone have any idea what this might set me back? If nobody knows I'll post here once I found out from him in person for future reference.

I had a sports coat adjusted last year (it had to be taken in around the pectoral and waist area) and the good people at Daniel's did a GREAT job. The jacket now fits as it had been custom made. It was $25 (or, less?) and worth every penny. For something like sleeves, I would think they can get it done for $15, or less. Definitely check with them.

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