Re: Whole Foods in JC?

Posted by newbie100 on 2017/4/25 0:43:32

bodhipooh wrote:

bill wrote:
It was announced today that Albertsons might buy Whole Foods. Albertsons also owns Acme. Hopefully this is good news?

This is not quite accurate. What was revealed is that Albertsons is considering making a takeover bid for Whole Foods. Albertsons is controlled by Cerberus. Jana Partners (a competitor of Cerberus) has also telegraphed similar intentions, going as far as accumulating a 9% stake in Whole Foods. Regardless of who wins out, this is not necessarily good news: these buyout firms can be brutal and vicious in their approach to achieve profitability.

Agreed. Private equity tends to load up the companies with lots of debt, pay themselves a huge fee for providing advice and reduce employee salaries and benefits. The helpful, cheerful employees you see will no longer be so if a PE firm acquires them.

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