Re: Whole Foods in JC?

Posted by nafco on 2017/4/17 10:15:32

bodhipooh wrote:

nafco wrote:
i think JSQ or something close to a PATH station or hub makes more sense. I know they will require parking which will exist as part of the new towers parking garage, but also it needs to be a well trafficked area. I feel like the Sears and Harborside which is dead for most of the week would not benefit WF which needs a lot of constant foot traffic.

The Sears location is as trafficked as you van get: a mall, with parking on site, as well as being serviced by the light rail and the Newport PATH station is across the street.

Have you ever been to Harborside? Because your statement makes no sense... it's packed and crowded during the week from about 8 AM to 6 PM. Come out between 11:30 - 1:30 during the week and you will see that people all along the waterfront and in the Owen Grundy pier enjoying lunch or a midday break. It is also serviced by the light rail, and the Exchange Place PATH station is right next door. On weekends it is not that crowded, but that's mostly because there is hardly anything open down that way. A supermarket like WF could be transformative for the area.

yeah, that was kind of my point with Harborside. Its pretty dead on the weekends and thats when markets make a lot of sales. They likely want it to be a busy area 7 days a week which JSQ is. Maybe Sears is busy since its by the mall, but on a sheerly accessible standpoint, its a little awkward for the general public to get to. Though it may be busy enough to keep it alive.

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