Re: Whole Foods in JC?

Posted by PremiumContent on 2017/4/16 3:15:06

135jc wrote:
Seagull wrote:
There has been some chatter that the Whole Foods at Metropolis Towers is a dead deal. Apparently the shareholders of the Metropolis Towers thought they were getting a bad deal out of the project and voted it down. Whole Foods also just closed nine of their stores nationwide due to a poor fiscal outlook, so they may have just decided to not go forward with the construction in this particular location and are looking elsewhere in Jersey City (hence the rumors of a Journal Square location).. [/quote

If it's a dead deal it's nice to because of the shareholder vote. Those buildings are overwhelmingly owned by the coop itself to the tune of about 80%to 20%

doesn't matter now, high levels of chromium still being detected on the site. more testing and remediation before anything happens there.

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