Re: I got sanitation violations for garbage that someone illegally dumped

Posted by MDM on 2019/3/11 12:39:31

brewster wrote:

Did it take you 2 appearances each time, one for the arraignment and one for hearing? What was that "Minimum fine"? I recently went to court on this for 2 (they rescheduled twice), but when I saw the way it was going, I just paid it, $400.

Only one appearence.

My last time was pre-Fulop as mayor. Fine was $150. I guess it went up a lot since then. Paid $0 as the prosecutor let me off. The judge that time around required me to talk to the Prosecutor first if I was pleading 'guilty with explanation'. I guess the Prosecutor was in a good mood because he let me off.

I had an issue with the elderly-not-all-there-mentally mother of my tenant who was staying as a guest. She just kept putting out trash at random times on the curb.

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