Re: I got sanitation violations for garbage that someone illegally dumped

Posted by brewster on 2019/3/11 12:35:22

MDM wrote:
Not much you can do. As the property owner, you are responsible.

The last few times I ended up in court for same / similar, I pleaded "Guilty with an explanation". Two things happened:

1. Minimum fine with court costs waved.
2. Prosecutor dropped charges.

Usually #1 happened.

Did it take you 2 appearances each time, one for the arraignment and one for hearing? What was that "Minimum fine"? I recently went to court on this for 2 (they rescheduled twice), but when I saw the way it was going, I just paid it, $400. This stuff is simply nasty, there's just nothing you can do, especially if you don't live there. It's hard enough to control your own tenants, never mind what gets dropped on your property. Often you don't even know about it till you get the summons in the mail weeks later.

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