Re: The new $480M Wittpenn Bridge construction is a year behind. Why? It’s complicated.

Posted by bdaunno on 2019/3/14 23:18:46

JC_Man wrote:
Is it more amazing that the construction of the Empire State Building took only a little over a year or projects like Wittpenn Bridge, Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation project, etc. take years and years? Hey Miss AOC, we really need MORE government. Yeah, right.

Actually, the foundation of the ESB took 7 years. Once they reached street level, it only took a year to finish off the rest of the building. But the idea that the ESB was constructed in 1 year is quite absurd. It is easy to skew facts.
These are not "new" routes, as we were building 50 years ago... They are replacement routes, being built around the existing routes, with the existing routes still open. You can still drive through here everyday. Rush hour traffic gets to work. If you look at the scope of what they are accomplishing with this bridge, it is quite mesmerizing.
Complaining is easy. Engineering is hard.

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