JC Council to Vote on Canceling Two Abatement Deals for Non Compliance

Posted by jerseymom on 2019/1/8 18:16:18
Body of an email received today from Mayor Fulop:

"When I first took office as mayor in 2013, I pledged that I would curtail Jersey City’s 30-year reliance on long term tax abatements by previous mayors. I outlined a plan in the campaign, and as I first took office, we limited tax abatements downtown. We then issued an executive order as a policy to use them only as a tool to incentivize development away from the waterfront, which was successful throughout other parts of the City. Ultimately, we further limited their use citywide.

At this point, the City has granted ZERO market rate tax abatements (anywhere in the city) for nearly two years! So our plan is working and we should all be proud.

We invested in a compliance officer to monitor previously issued tax abatements. As we go through the records and find non-fulfilled commitments by developers towards Jersey City residents, we will be moving to take aggressive action and cancel their tax abatement.

The first two cancellations will be voted on by the City Council tomorrow night. One is a cancellation of a tax abatement on the West Side and one is a cancellation of a project downtown.

There are mixed opinions on the council on whether to terminate a developer’s tax abatement for noncompliance, and while many have spoken publicly about the need to do this, tomorrow is the opportunity to take action.

We will continue to work together with you and the council in moving Jersey City forward."

Steven Fulop

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