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Posted by Dolomiti on 2018/12/31 10:09:09

bodhipooh wrote:

RichMauro wrote:
I don't know...that was so outrageous that I think it could have been staged to go viral on you tube or wherever.

Have you not seen or heard the many follow ups? The employee was (rightfully) terminated.

And, if you don't believe his actions are at all common, you need to get out more, or spend more time reading. Emotional fragility among millennials, as a whole, is a serious problem that has gotten plenty of press and it is being studied extensively. I have personally witnessed similar meltdowns as the one shown in the video, and it is both sad and eye-opening. A generalized inability to handle adversity and/or setbacks is a serious reason to be concerned for the future of our country.

This isn't an age thing, and public meltdowns are not a new thing.

What's changed is that everyone now has an Internet-connected video camera in their pocket at all times, so when someone blows up, it can be recorded and internationally distributed at the push of a button.

Something that isn't new? Every generation dumps on younger generations. Once upon a time it was the Boomers who were spoiled rotten and selfish (anyone else remember the "Me Generation"?). Then GenX were a bunch of slackers, mostly because they were joining the workforce during a nasty recession. When the Millennials get a little older, they will find a reason to insult Gen Z (or whatever they end up getting called).

Millennials won't have long to wait before they can punch down on the next generation. After all, Millennials are not exactly young anymore -- they are roughly 22 to 38 years old.

Of course, they won't be any more right than their predecessors. Being born in a certain year does not impart inherent personality traits, and the empirical evidence does not suggest any major personality differences between generations. (E.g. ... aby-boomers-really-differ)

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