Re: NYC Marathon

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/10/30 8:59:36

jsqfunk wrote:
Let me make sure I got this (this thread has been super helpful for first timer runners)
1. Take uber or lyft
2. Make sure the driver takes the Bayonne bridge
3. Get dropped off at McClean and Lili Pond
4. If your wave starts at 10:40, leave Jersey City around 8:30 am

That all sounds about right. If you are in the 10:40 wave, your corral will likely close around 9:45 (plus or minus 5 minutes, but play it safe and plan on it to close the official full hour early at 9:40) and once they close it, they WILL NOT let you in, and this is something for which they are super strict. But, do not freak out if you miss your corral: you can always join a later corral without any hassle. Your stated time corresponds to the 3rd wave, so you would still have the 4th (and last) wave as a fail-safe option.

If you leave JC at 8:30, you'll make it to the drop off area of McClean and Lily Pond between 9 and 9:15, which is plenty of time to clear security and walk to your corral stress free.

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