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Posted by jsh278 on 2018/10/29 12:17:54
I second this advice. The WORST thing you can do on race day is take the ferry to the start village. I made that mistake one year and ended up expelling so much energy navigating to the ferry, then being herded with thousands of other runners from the ferry to buses, standing in line, standing on the bus. It took way too much time and energy. If you're running 26.2 miles that day, do yourself a favor, and take a cab. Or get a hotel room near the start line and spend the night. Whatever you do, don't take the ferry. You'll end up feeling depleted before you even start the race.


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ladybert wrote:
I would recommend switching to the SI ferry option if you can.

This is bad advice, for two reasons:
- transportation selection is already closed, and has been for quite some time, and
- travel time via SI ferry (plus the shuttle from the SI terminal to the drop off point at Fort Wadsworth) is 90 minutes (minimum) and very chaotic, while the Metlife bus option is an hour, or less.

My advice, from having done this six times already, is to drive to the start line. That requires someone dropping you off, or riding an Uber or Lyft. If you leave JC by 7:45, you will be at the drop off point between 8:15 and 8:30. First wave takes off at 9:50, so those corrals will close around 9, so you would have at least 30 minutes to walk through the start village until you find your corral, assuming you are in the first wave. If you have a later wave, then adjust accordingly. If you are planning to do a bag drop (you really shouldn’t!) then allow additional time for that, as the village is chaotic and the bag drop area is far from the corrals. Also, another tip, don’t waste time standing in line to use the porta-potties. There are a ton of them inside the corrals and then some more on the way to the start line. A ton of first timers make that mistake and end up missing their assigned time as the corrals close so early. ... ansportation-to-the-start

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