Re: Jersey CIty School Policy - Vacation

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/10/21 12:35:25

r_pinkowitz wrote:
Family vacations are so important and learning doesn't just happen in a classroom. Most teachers get that.

This statement might be more aspirational than reality. Certainly when it comes to the district and their regulations.

If a child accrues five days of unexcused absences in a given marking period (as in the case of the example by the OP) that student could face serious consequences.

From the JC BOE:
Students in grades K-8 who accrue (18) days of unexcused absences in one school year and students in grades 9- 12 who are absent 18 school days from a full year course (5 to 20 credits); 9 school days from a semester course (5 credits); or 5 school days from a marking period course (2.5 credits) may be considered ineligible for promotion to the next grade and for participation in extracurricular activities/athletics and/or magnet programs.

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